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Focusing on Top Concerns in Oral Health

Each year, the Institute for Oral Health spotlights a new theme of concern in the dental industry, working to raise awareness and promote positive changes through collaborating with leading experts and sharing best practices.

Check out each theme for related whitepapers, news, and helpful resources.



New Horizons
for Oral Health

A look at key influences on the future of the dentistry such as genomics, innovative models for integrating medical and dental care for total wellness, and new approaches for benefits to personalize health care based on social, economic, and risk factors. More >


The Impact of Policy on Oral Health Care Delivery

IOH explores how the vital changes needed to advance oral health care policy to provide better access to affordable care for millions of underserved, under- and un-insured Americans. More >


The Evolution
of Oral Health Care Delivery

In-depth focus on how roles, education, treatment, and policies are changing to meet the evolving needs of today’s populations and dental practices. More >


Prevention: Rebranding
the Profession

As most oral health problems are preventable, we need to increase our focus on disease prevention strategies for people of all ages, especially young children, and collaborate with primary care and others to improve overall health. More >


Oral Health in Healthcare Reform

With healthcare reform, we face both challenges and opportunities for improving oral health for the millions of underserved Americans who have little or no access to affordable dental care. More >


Defining Quality in Oral Health Care

We continue to identify strategies for improving quality in dental care delivery by showcasing best practices in evidence-base dentistry; metrics for improving outcomes; accreditation and quality improvement programs. More >


Oral Health in Aging America

We're facing unprecedented growth in our senior population and a dwindling dental workforce. Older Americans often neglect their oral health and there are too few providers trained in geriatric dentistry to help them. More >


Periodontal Disease & Diabetes

Diabetes and periodontal disease are two common chronic diseases that are reaching epidemic proportions in America, and these diseases have a critical impact on each other. More >


Early Childhood Dental Care

Caries is the #1 chronic childhood disease, a preventable problem impacting the health, development, and happiness of millions of kids. We need to shift focus to prevention and better access to dental care. More >