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2007: Periodontal Disease & Diabetes

Diabetes and periodontal disease are two common chronic diseases that are reaching epidemic proportions in America, and they have a critical impact on each other. More needs to be done to promote prevention and early detection to reduce the risk factors and complications of both diseases.

Nearly 21 million Americans have diabetes, which now represents 10% of the $2 trillion dollar health care cost in the U.S. Diabetes increases susceptibility to infections, which places diabetics at significantly higher risk of periodontal diseases. Yet often diabetes is poorly controlled and compounded by unhealthy lifestyle. Nearly two-thirds of our population is overweight, with obesity itself a rising epidemic.

In 2007, IOH focused on this theme, and called on both providers and patients to gain awareness on how to effectively manage and prevent diabetes and periodontal disease in order to improve the overall health of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.


"As dental professionals, we need to make sure we are a full partner in the management of periodontal disease as well as the management of diabetes. We see patients probably as often, if not more often than physicians. We can have a major effect on the control of diabetes. It’s not practicing medicine, it’s practicing good dentistry."

– Dr. Robert Genco, DDS, PhD
(Speaker at 2007 IOH Conference)