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2006: Early Childhood Dental Care

Our nation is in the midst of an oral health crisis and its primary victims are children. Currently, the most widespread childhood disease is cavities. Oral disease impacts the lives of children every day, impairing their ability to learn in school due to needless pain, contributing to other illnesses, and impeding their long term development.

In today's economy, many families cannot afford dental care and their children are suffering. The Institute for Oral Health calls on the health care community to make paradigm shifts in our dental care system to stem this rising oral health crisis.

In 2006, IOH hosted our first annual national conference in Seattle, WA focused on this theme.


"Children with tooth decay are often too embarrassed to smile. By fixing their teeth we help move a child to a higher performance, and have them feel good about themselves."

– Former King County Executive, Ron Sims
(Speaker at 2006 IOH Conference)