Institute for Oral Health Dentist and child



2014: New Horizons for Oral Health

This year the Institute for Oral Health explored "innovations shaping the future of dentistry" with a look into a number of exciting advancements such as:

  • Genomics that introduce a new realm of highly personalized health care, with technology that provides unique insights about each patient to enable the delivery of truly individualized care, and gain deeper awareness of their risk factors and systemic health concerns.
  • Chairside screenings for common medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease to enable dental providers to support early intervention, inform their own treatment plans, and more closely integrate with primary care.
  • Lifestyle educational tools to engage patients and promote healthy behaviors that support better oral and systemic health.
  • Oral Physician, a new role for medical-dental integration who collaborates with medical staff and trains them on oral disease and how it impacts systemic health, and provides preventive primary care along with comprehensive dental care.
  • Economic imperatives for improving oral health that focus on increasing efficiencies, which in turn help improve care access and outcomes. Some solutions include creating more efficienct, cost-effective business services to support dental practices, and embracing the digital dental practice for better recordkeeping, data collection, and mobile data sharing.