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2014 IOH National Conference

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New Horizons for Oral Health

Innovations Shaping the Future of Dentistry

The 2014 Institute for Oral Health Conference will feature a range of industry experts to share insights on where the dental profession is headed. From advances in genomics to innovative models for integrating medical and dental care to emerging trends in benefits and health economics.

Along with market changes and new consumer demands as a result of healthcare reform, we can expect to see new models for personalized medicine based on individual risk factors and demographics. Genomics may soon play a role in advancing disease diagnosis and treatment. And we'll look at the rapid growth of advanced analytics and data science, and how it's being used to fuel clinical research and best practices for treatment and care delivery.


October 23-24, 2014


Palm Springs, CA ~ La Quinta Resort & Club


$700 (includes Day1 Breakfast/Lunch/Reception and Day2 Breakfast)

$150 Guest fee


Special guest speakers, networking events, and more

Our 2014 IOH Conference will host exciting guest speakers and networking events with a diverse array of health care professionals and policy makers.


Who Can Benefit

All health care professionals dedicated to making dental care more effective, cost-efficient, and accessible —including providers, policy makers, academia, dental researchers, public health, commercial dental carriers, and employers. Of course, the public is also welcome.


New Horizons for Oral Health

Innovations Shaping the Future
of Dentistry

IOH Conference OCT 23-24, 2014 in Palm Springs, CA