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2015 IOH Conference - Program




Senator Tom Daschle


High Performance, High Value Health Care: Building A New Paradigm


Featured Speakers



Krishna Aravamudhan, BDS, MS


Current Efforts in Quality Measurement and the Dental Quality Alliance

Burton Edelstein, DDS, MPH


Value-based Payment Reforms: Early Lessons from Medical Care for Dental Care

Frederick Eichmiller, DDS, MS


Changing Trends in The World of Dentistry: A View From The Dark Side

Tom Gates


Innovations in Patient Engagement

David Gesko, DDS


The Triple-Aim in Action - Driving for Improved Results

Amid I. Ismail, BDS, MPH, DrPH, MBA


Trends in Caries Prevalence and Severity in the U.S.
(1971-74 and 1999-2004)

Kathryn E. Phillips, MPH


Oral Health in Primary Care: A Framework for Action

Cassandra Yarbrough, BS, MPP


State of the Dental Market: 2015





Marlene Ching - Oral B Smart Toothbrush

Christie Custodio-Lumsden - My Smile Buddy

Jason Szczuka -


Transforming Patient Engagement
with Technology

The Triple Aim of Oral Health

IOH Conference OCT 15-16, 2015 in Tucson, AZ